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Keeper League 3rd Year Draft advice


In a 10 team Standard Auction Draft keeper League
1Qb, 2RB, 3WR,1 flex,1 TE,Dst,K 6 bench

Keeper rules. Can keep a player drafted for 3 years. Drafted in 2015, Kept 2016, and 2017. 2018 enters back in the draft.
To Keep player. Its draft price plus 30%
Starting draft budget is $200 (minus keeper cost)

So I’m pretty sure I know what i want to do but want to get the advice of others.
So this is the last year I can keep OBJ and Gurley. Ajayi I still have for 2 more years

My keepers are
Todd Gurley-$17
Jay Ajayi-$7

So I go into the Draft with $160(traded another player during the Year for $10 extra dollars incase you do the math) and I already have OBJ,Gurley and Ajayi on my team.

I think I want to swing for the fences. and here is what I have been practicing.
In past years I usually draft very middle of the road plp and give me bench a lot of opportunities. But this year I’m thinking of going big on WR and RB and leaving my bench a lot of $1-$3 players. IT opens my self up to 1 injury ruining my season but if I stay healthy i think that i have a pretty good starting lineup.

Approach #1
QB- Russel Wilson
RB1- David Johnson($60)
RB2 Jay Ajayi
WR 1- Julio Jones($51)
WR-3 Doug baldwin($27)
Flex- Todd Gurley
TE- Delanie Walker ($5)


My other Approach is little more reserved and gives me a couple more upside players. but not the big names perhaps

Approach #2

Qb-Kirk Cousin-$5
Rb1- Jay Ajayi
Rb2- Leonard Forrnette($31)
WR 2-alshon jeffery($21)
WR3-Michael Crabtree($23)
TE-Jimmy Graham($12)
Flex-Todd gurley

Bench-Tyreek Hil($20)
Bench- Dalvin cook($20)
Bench- Pierre garcon ($10)
Bench-cj proise($6)
Bench- $3

So Which of these 2 Approaches would you go for? Or would you do something entirely different.