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Keeper league advice 12 team league


I am in my first keeper league where i get to keep up to 3 players. Its a standard scoring 1QB 2RB 3WR 1FLX 1TE and we have 12 teams in the league.
I also have the first pick in the daft.
Are any of these worth keeping, given their cost in draft round pick?
I’m leaning towards dak and kyle

  1. Jameis Winston - 7th round
  2. Devonta Freeman - 1st round
  3. Dak Prescott - 12th round
  4. Derrick Henry - 4th round
  5. kyle rudolph - 15th

Appreciate the help,


Rudolph in the 15th is fine, and I guess Prescott is too. Really not to geeked about anyone else.


Agreed Dak and Kyle


rudolph is it for me. freeman is great, except not as basically the number 1 overall pick. im taking the field over him, and if he ends up being the best in the field, then i just draft him again. everyone else can go back into the pool, and probably get better value for.