Keeper League Advice: JT for 4th or JK for 10th

Hey Footclan, so I am in a 2 keeper league. For one of my keepers I have Gibson already locked in with an 8th rounder. My options for the second I am deciding between is JT for a 4th rounder or JK for a 10th. I love the 6 round difference between the two, but I also like JT alot more than I like JK as far as season outlook goes. If it helps I am the second overall pick and am guaranteed Dalvin Cook. Also, alot of the players being kept just so happen to be other receivers and I am just worried that if I spend my 4th on JT, my receivers will look rough. Thoughts?

I probly like Taylor slightly better than Dobbins in a vacuum, but given that you’re basically looking for a RB3 behind Cook and Gibson, I think I’d just take Dobbins in the 10th and keep my 4th round pick.


Would it change it at all if I told you it was a 2 flex league? Sorry should’ve mentioned in it in the OP

You should also have mentioned whether or not it was PPR scoring if you’re going to introduce the flex positions, but you didn’t, so I answered based on the information given.

How is Cook even available and not being kept by their owner from last season?

The way we do it is you can keep someone for a round above where they were drafted the previous year (ie drsfred in 5th previous year, kept in 4th the following) so that would eliminate first rounders essentially.

Ah that makes sense. Thanks!