Hey guys/gals,
Im commissioner of a redraft league that is making the switch to a keeper league this season. What platforms do you all prefer for keeper leagues? What advice would you give a commissioner for a new keeper league?

I would suggest to make the keeper system clear and simple. As commish you want to limit the number of questions directed to you.

Are managers keeping players from 2018. Or are you drafting 2019 with the intention of keeping players in 2020?

If keeping players from 2019 you likely need to formalize your keeper selection process and rules ASAP.

I use ESPN for my keeper league and I think it’s good. Sleeper also seems like a good site but I haven’t used it much besides for a startup dynasty draft. definitely need to set guidelines for how keepers work for things such as

  1. are u keeping players from rosters from this past season for this season or will u do a new draft this year with the intention of it being a keeper league
  2. is there a draft pick penalty for picking keepers. In my ESPN league, each team keeps 6 players which takes up the first 6 rounds of the draft. If u are using draft pick penalties, I would not use ESPN because it isn’t very customizable for drafts and draft picks, but I think sleeper would be better
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