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Keeper League Advice


I’m in a 12 team, 4 player keeper league. Standard scoring.
I’m 0-4 and kind of have my sights set on next season.
I was offered Marlon Mack and a 3rd (7th after keeper rounds), for Cooks… what do you all think of that offer?
Thanks in advance


In a keeper league as well and have been for 6+ years.

Would love to see the rest of your roster before I give advice on this question…

Give info on what round each player is eligible for.


My roster is junk. I traded most of my assets for draft picks and crap shoot keepers.

Roethlisberger, Luck
Derrick Henry, Lat Murray, Tarik Cohen, Eddy Lacy, Terrence West
Brandin Cooks, Tyrell Williams, Jamison Crowder, Desean Jackson
Jimmy Graham
Steelers D
Justin Tucker


And mike Williams as well


Yeah your team is def lacking.

Id honestly keep cooks… Don’t think mack is that awesome… I mean I think you should try to get him if you like him… But not cooks.

I’d look to next season and keep cooks and Jackson for sure

Then henry and jimmy Graham.

I’d look to move luck to a colts lover… Or a team who is 4-1 or 5-0 for maybe some good players.

And look to pick up like a Alex smith, Deasean Watson, Stafford… Or some QB on the waivers.

Hope this helps alittle.