Keeper league and trade questions

I’m in a 10 team, 5 keeper league. I’ve been trying to lower the keeper number but the rest of the league likes 5, so anyway. At the moment before the draft, which 5 would you keep out of: Baker, Dak, Damien Williams, Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Juju, Hunt, Kerryon, Aaron Jones, and Hunter Henry. (Everyone in my league keeps a qb. I haven’t been) I’m also wondering your thoughts on trying to trade one or two for some early draft picks. Thanks in advance

I think I’d go for Kerryon Johnson, Aaron Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill and Juju Snith-Schuster

If bad news about Hill comes before keeper deadline I’d keep Williams or Mayfield. Henry I really like but I’d expect him to be available to you in a veterans draft. Assuming everyone keeps a qb it should mean that they probably aren’t desperate for Mayfield too early as a pick up.

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Thank you! All good points that I’ll remember.

I agree with the list @Mr_Wind-up_Bird provided. I would possibly consider Swapping K. Johnson for Baker, but only consider it. I am really high on him (Browns fan!). But if all goes well, you have a fairly stacked squad keeping the five he listed.

You could try trading, but my thought is the only people you would likely trade are guys you would want. Baker or Damien-truthers might get someone to budge, but otherwise you are really looking at trading away one of the five you plan on keeping. Problem is, if you trade them there is potentially no one better at the pick you acquire. Then you have a lesser guy on your roster as a keeper, and your extra pick does not really help.

I could see floating Baker / Damien just to see, but unless you are keeping people at certain rounds I am not sure you recoup value for offering up any of the other five players. Every one of them is inside the top 60 on my board.

As another option, I would like you having better RBs. If you could package something to move into a Mixon or Fournette, I personally would like that better. Even if the Chubb owner is uncomfortable with Hunt moving in, he might budge. Just some thoughts! Again, the five @Mr_Wind-up_Bird mentions is likely how I would go at it.

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Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. I do agree with you both on those five. For our keepers, we get them at the start of the draft. How soon would you float Baker, Damien, and Hunt (to the Chubb owner). Our draft will be in late August and keepers have to be locked August 1st.

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I would consider floating ideas sooner than later, so you can capitalize on them before we really hear anything from camp. But the bigger question is who does he have?

Are Baker / Damien (I doubt Hunt is kept) better than 1 or 2 of the 5 he would be keeping? In season the trade is great, but you have to hope those two players are better than who he would be keeping. If that makes sense.

Also, does he draft before you? IF so, it might be harder since he could just look at it as keep his guys and grab one of those anyway since they could be available.

But I would try getting out in front of it while you can, as you can then pivot to other teams. I would look at bad teams (if they exist) and figure out things with them as well.

I hope any of this helps!

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Thanks! This does help. I will try him and the bad teams and see if anyone bites