Keeper League Approach with Top RBs N/A

My big money keeper league has long running + everyone is pretty active, and you can draft college players as keepers in the 11th and have them burn a spot on your bench for the season. Keepers move up the next year. So TL;DR is Gurley, Leveon, Zeke, Fournette, & Barkley are all late round keepers and essentially are going to be kept through the prime of their careers (I’ll have Guice in the 10th but I wouldn’t put him on the same level as the others). So unless I get a top 4-5 pick I’m missing out on DJ , Gordon, or Kareem Hunt.

What would the best approach be for a league where the top RB options are off the board before the draft even starts? Zig when everyone else zags and load up on wideouts + shoot for trades or just stock up on the next level of guys like Jordan Howard, Shady, or McKinnon?

I think the smart play is go with the tiers in that situation, if the WRs that fall to you are a tier above the RBs then I’m taking the better player, I mean if there is an WR1 there vs Shady or McKinnon I’ll take the best available and see what each round gives me.
That being said if a guy like Howard is there I don’t think he should be sniffed at this year, I wouldn’t fell amazing with him as my RB1 but i don’t hate it as I think under Nagy he and the Bears will be a lot better and more consistently so.

But the smart play I would have to talk myself into as well would be not to reach for need and go with the draft tiers at least early on

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