Keeper league assistance

Taking over a team and have to select five keepers from this list, I removed some of the roster as there were no keepers in that remainder of the list. Keepers are not at a specific round, so essentially the first five members of your team. Full PPR and 6 pt passing TDs. I am definitely keeping Cook and Golladay, definitely not keeping Tannehill or Miller. So basically pick three keepers from Beckham Jr., A.J. Brown, Sutton, Johnson, Mostert, and Ertz. My instinct tells me Brown, Sutton, and either Mostert or Johnson. Thoughts?

Players 2-6 on this list for me. Cook, OBJ, Golladay, A.J. Brown, and David Johnson

Cook, Golladay, AJ Brown, Ertz, Colonel Mustard

@Both_Barrels_Blazing just curious as to why you would go Mostert over DJ there? Mostert is in a 3 back committee and DJ will be given the work horse role in HOU.

that is true, i just know they are a run first team and mostert absolutely crushed it last year and has an established role. guess i was burned badly by DJ and am slow to forgive. DJ is the more sensible choice but SF def has the better O line, but DJ should be used split out like a wide out and heavily involved in the passing game.

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