Keeper League Auction Strategy

So I’ll just get straight to the point. This year in my 12 team keeper league (standard scoring, 3 WRs and a flex) I am predicting these players to be kept:

  • OBJ $21
  • Mike Evans $24
  • David Johnson $22
  • Ezekiel Elliot $58
  • Le’Veon Bell $55
  • Melvin Gordon $30
  • Devonta Freeman $18
  • Jay Ajayi $19
  • Todd Gurley $32

So clearly, running back depth is being taken off the board before the draft even starts, meaning slim pickings for those who aren’t keeping a running back (I’m keeping Evans). I’m also not thrilled about old RBs like McCoy and Demarco being the best players available.

Here’s the predicament I find myself in: I am a firm believer in ALWAYS waiting on a QB. However, this year I feel as if I’m analyzing things differently with the RB situation. My strategy in mocks recently has been zero RB centered where I find myself absolutely stacked at WR (I’m talking 3 top 10 WRs) and even drafting a top tier QB like Rodgers or Luck to make up for my lack of depth at RB.

Is this the right time to abandon the strategy of waiting on a QB or am I looking at this all wrong and should really be targeting a RB that I can rely on? What would you guys do?

its a very viable strat. i used to do it alll the time and just pick up guys that would hawk a lot of points randomly like danny woodhead. this year im seeing that guy as bilal powell. so if you can swing it, i would say target a crowell type, and then stack up at WR and maybe QB like you said, then pick up powell late.

Actually, Danny Woodhead is one of the guys I’ve found myself drafting in a few mocks along with Ameer Adbudllah and a few others.