Keeper league big trade offer

I was offered Zeke and Cooper Kupp for Josh Jacobs and Mike Thomas. I’m already out of the playoffs so this would be a trade setting me up for next year. My other RBs are CMC and Mixon. My other WRs are Gallup, Deebo, Curtis Samuels, and Kirk. Help me out fam!

How many players do you get to keep and at what cost?

I get to keep 4. And the cost will be their average auction value altered to reflect their performance from the prior season. For example, Jacobs was worth little to nothing this year. Next year his price will be inflated to reflect his value after this season. That amount will be deducted from your auction currency.

I feel like i wouldnt do it. MT/JJ/CMC is a really solid building block for a team, and i like MT significantly more than Kupp and Zeke only a little more than Jacobs in keeper value.

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