Keeper league, can only keep 2

Need some advice in who to keep in a 10 team ppr, 1 qb, 2 RB, 3 wr, 1te, 1 flex. Can keep 2 with just paying up 1 round from where they were drafted. Michael Thomas for a 13th (drafted him as a rookie), Mahomes for an 11th, Aaron Jones for a 10th, Mack for a 10th, Ertz for a 6th, or Thielen for an 8th. Michael Thomas has to be one and right now leaning Mahomes for the other one, but they’re all crazy value. Don’t know where to go right now.

I agree Michael Thomas seems like a no brainer and I’d probably go Mahomes or Ertz (with a ten team having that top 3 TE is really nice), the running backs are good but not better value than the others