Keeper League - Can Only Keep Two

Hey Guys!

I’m in a keeper league where we are allowed to keep 3 players each year. The round they were drafted doesn’t matter. Julio is my locked in keeper, but for the other positions I’m stuck between

AJ Green
Phillip Lindsay
Mark Ingram

I feel like each one has their pros and cons for this season and seasons to come, but would definitely appreciate some input.

Thanks in advance!


Do you have to keep 3? If not, I’d release the rest and get 2 extra rounds worth of picks.

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We do need to keep 3 unfortunately, and it is a standard scoring league.

Probably have to go with Ingram and Lindsay then.


Any other options?

Out of those 3, no brainer keep Lindsay & Ingram. Green to big of a injury risk to waste a keep on.

So in this scenario, I am trading away Antonio Brown to acquire 2 of those 3 and DJ Moore (in our league, if you draft a rookie and don’t play him, you get to keep him the following year for free. Counts as a last round pick in this years draft so great value). If I don’t trade away Brown, I would be keeping Julio, AB and either Mike Williams or Justin Jackson.

In a scenario where I don’t trade AB, I wouldn’t have any RBs going into the draft and this is a league where they are coveted and I wouldn’t get anyone of value.

So the options are:

Mike Williams


DJ Moore
Phillip Lindsay/ Mark Ingram/ AJ Green (Pick 2)

Lindsay and Ingram because it’s standard