Keeper league Chase or Jefferson

I’m in a 12 team Salary Cap, 3 Keeper league. $200 cap. 1st keeper is $5 to previous cost, 2nd +$10, 3rd +$15.

I currently have Justin Jefferson at $6

And Ja’Marr Chase at $11.

If Cousins stays with Minnesota I’m torn on who to take as my first keeper.

Also have to decide on third keeper in-between Javonte Williams $11, and Swift $15.

1/2 ppr

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Hmm…these leagues are not a strength of mine but I’ll give it a shot.

1 - Chase ($11 + $5 = $16)
2 - JJ ($6 + $10 = $16)
3 - J Williams ($11 + $15 = $26)

That should keep you able to bounce Chase / JJ for at least another two years until their costs get to $31 each. Though before then I’d likely consider the options and look to move off them via trades just to keep your budget down and reap value. I like Swift better but without a full PPR I think his value is not quite as strong so I’m giving the slight price drop a bump in holding J Williams.

I’d definitely look to trade (if possible) Swift though as I bet you’d get quite the haul!

Not sure if this helps, but that’s how I’d look at it assuming I followed along with your league rules.

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Absolutely man thanks for the feedback! Definitely was thinking the same but now that Wilson is on the Broncos I’m having visions of greatness for Javonte. Also just watched his highlights again so it might ware off.