Keeper League - College Player Draft

I joined a 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3FLEX/K/DST dynasty league with 6 bench spots as a co-owner. We have the first pick in the college keeper draft. I was thinking going with a running back since rookie WR and TE can be a crap shoot and they can be kept for 3 years, instead of 2 like everyone else.

My top 3 guys are Travis Etienne, J.K. Dobbins, and Jonathan Taylor (in that order). We have to make our pick before the rest of the draft so we don’t have the benefit of seeing who they get drafted by. For this reason, I’m thinking Etienne because he profiles as the best all around back right now. Thoughts?

I would go with Etienne. By far the best back of the group imo. Kid can do it all.