Keeper League Cook Trade

1 player keeper 1/2 ppr First Year Keeper league. You can only keep players that you drafted. I had traded or dropped most of my the players I drafted before realizing this was the rule (my first keeper league). I had traded Connor to this person earlier in the season.

Send: Cook (1st), Reagor
Receive: Diggs, Connor(4th), Henderson

I am 5-5 right now still with a pretty good chance to make the playoffs. I feel like Diggs and Connor together come close to Cook’s value, but its a big downgrade at RB and I’m not sure Connors out look rest of season.
Any thoughts?

I mean I say good luck and go for it. Cook owner might want more since Cook is on fire. I tried trading Henry for Cook straight up and that didn’t do it.
I think for me, Diggs is a great pick up, but if it was me, I’d be worried that my dominant RB is going to be replaced by a low end RB2/3. I think you might have to dig deeper.