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Keeper League - Dealing with draft pick trades and draft pick compensation

Just curious if anyone has any advice or experience with how to balance dealing future picks and paying draft pick compensation. I want to allow the trading of future draft picks (because it’s fun and good for rebuilding teams), but I’m wary of managers trading away picks that they would end up losing anyway because of keeper compensation.

Currently I have a rule that states if an owner doesn’t possess the draft pick it carries on until the owner does have a pick (Ie: if a player owes a 2nd round draft pick in compensation but has traded away their 2nd and 3rd the player would only pay a 4th). A manager could start doing this on purpose.

A couple ideas come to mind, but I’m curious how others address this and if this has been an issue (it’s purely hypothetical for me)

I currently have it to where keepers count as set picks (1st keeper is 2nd round pick and 2nd keeper is 3rd round pick). I am looking into having it to where the keepers go one round above where they were drafted the year before, but haven’t found a way to easily do this.

If I was in your situation, I would make people go forward instead of back in the draft. So hypothetically if someone traded their second round pick that should count for a keeper then they have to get rid of a 1st round pick. I wouldn’t do this until at least one year from now to avoid everyone getting pissed but it will check everyone who makes trades for that reason or not.