Keeper league debate

I am currently in a 12 team redraft league. We decided last year to make it a keeper league, but never decided on the rules. So I am asking you guys, which way is better/more fair?

We are keeping up to 2 players

One way is
if you keep 1 player it has to be your 1st round pick. If you keep 2 players, you get 1 at the round you drafted, and the other as your 1st round pick. If you keep a waiver wire they go in the round at their ADP or 1st round if you only keep 1 player

The second way is
Whether you keep 1 or 2, you get them at the round you drafted them. All waiver wire keepers go in the round at their ADP

Thank you in advance for your input!

The simplest way – and my work league did this two years ago – is just choose two guys each year and the rest of your team is a redraft with no draft penalties based on the status of the guys you kept.

So, for example, in that league, I’m keeping Aaron Jones and Saquon. I picked up Jones off waivers in week 2 because the guy who drafted him last year got impatient. I drafted Saquon. And those are the two guys from my team I’d target in a draft. Now, I can go WR / WR in the first two round if I want.

One of the other guys in the league is keeping DeAndre and OBJ. He’ll be on the hunt for RBs.

We’re two years in and we haven’t seen any unfair advantages or disadvantages from this.

The way my league does it is you can keep up to 2 keepers, but have to keep at least one. The penalty is one round earlier than they were drafted. So nobody drafted in the first round of the draft can be kept. Also, they had to of been drafted by you and on your roster by the end of the season. So no lucky waiver wire claims can be kept, but if you drafted a guy, dropped him from your roster, but added him again before the end of the season then he can be kept. Also, the commissioner put in place that there is a minimum of a 7th round forfeited for a draft pick. So if you want to keep a guy you picked in round 10, it’ll cost you a 7th round pick. There has also been talks about not being allowed to keep the same player you had last season. Or not being able to keep them for more than 2 seasons. For example, we had a guy draft Conner last season in one of the last rounds. So with these rules he won’t be able to keep Conner every year for such a cheap price.

I would go the 2nd option. Forcing a 1st round tag on a player will be boring, and lead to some teams simply not keeping anyone.

To add to it, if you want to keep the keeper pool replenished, you could add a 1 or 2 round bump each year. For example, draft a guy in the 6th and keep him the following year, with a 2 round bump he becomes a 4th rounder, then next year a 2nd rounder. You could also add a rule saying no one drafted in the 1st or 2nd round can be a keeper. Just depends on how you want it.

For waiver wire guys, you could do what you’re talking about, or assign a generic round like say 10th round. Keep 2 waiver guys, then 10th and 11th. Or you could just say keepers have to have been drafted the year prior.

You have options, but the first option I’m not too keen on. Seems like a good way to ensure only the top tier guys are worth keeping.

Thanks! Yea we do have speculations on how long you can keep a player and what not. We were just debating on which of these two ways seemed more fair/better. I for one dont agree with having to take one keeper in the first, but I follow ffballer friend of mine says that it’s the only “fair” way to do keepers.

Just trying to get others opinions so we can finalize this before our draft in august