Keeper league decision - Round 1 stack

Ive kept Alvin Kamara (Cost: round 3!) and Deandre Hopkins (Cost: round 2).

I have the 3rd pick in the first round based on the other keepers. Le’veon bell, saquon barkley, leonard fournette, and odell Beckham Jr are the guys im looking at that are left after keepers. I really want Saquon but i am confident 1st and 2nd pick will be bell/barkley. (They both need rbs and are both pitt/penn fans)

Question: Do i take OBJ and have two elite WR1s or go with the more popular RB strat and take fournette even tho im not excited about him?

take OBJ. part of my strategies are always to draft the team i want. sometimes i draft players to trade them, sometimes ill go off of ADP. but i usually dont love my team that way. and its not like going with OBJ is some awful choice. hopkins OBJ would be nasty, then top that off with kamara and all of his potential. if its me i would probably draft fournette on the basis of kamara being a big potential play and his production isnt really all that well known, so getting a stable 20 rush attempt a game guy like fournette will solidify your RBs. but thats a keeper thing, cause i know that if everyone is keeping 3, RBs are going to be super thin. that and im very confident in fournette. so thats what i would do, but if you are not confident in him, take the easy pick and lean on your WRs with a FANTASTIC combo of hopkins OBJ.

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Thank you solid advice!