Keeper league decisions. Need some input

We are a standard scoring keeper league.

I can keep 5 of my players and I have these potential keepers to choose from.

QB - Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck
RB - Joe Mixon, Jerick McKinnon, Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, Jamaal Williams,
WR- Doug Baldwin, Stefan Diggs, Deandre Hopkins, Paul Richardson
TE- Zach Ertz

At this point I wish it was full dynasty as our previous league was because I like the roster construction. Having said that, I’m currently leaning towards keeping Mixon, McKinnon,Baldwin,Diggs and Hopkins.

I’m hoping to trade away the players I’m not keeping for additional draft picks as I’m without a third round pick and I pick 1.11 in the first round because I came 2nd last year.

Appreciate any feedback

I assume there is no penalty for keepers.

I would keep:

Agreed ^. Wilson may be hard to let go, but qbs are much easier to replace, especially when you start 3 wrs. Try to trade him to a team that doesn’t have good keeper options.

Agree with above but I may consider Diggs over Ertz.

Im thinking the same way. I feel that Hopkins is clearly a WR1 and Baldwin is a WR1/2 and Diggs is a WR2 with upside of a WR1 if it all comes together. I think there will be almost all TEs available in the draft except Gronk and Kelce so I figured I’d have a better shot at a top 6 TE rather a WR capable of replacing Diggs.

What do you feel are the trade values of Collins, Wilson, Ertz? I’d be only looking for picks.

Also, since I can’t keep Wilson, what are people’s tjoughts on offering Wilson and Baldwin for Mike Evans?