Keeper League Dilemma - Kittle, Drake, or Henry

Hey guys…

I’m in a 12 team 1/2 PPR keeper league with a $200 budget. I’m already keeping CMC for $45. Who should I keep as my second player? Kittle at $11, Drake at $14, or Henry at $32?

RBs seem to be a bit of a premium in my league. There will probably only be 4 of the top 10 RBs available in our upcoming draft this year.


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Easily Drake at $14.

The price for Drake is awesome, and I like Kittle, too. It depends if you want a season long TE or are you willing to stream? If he latter, then Drake. Henry is too pricey.

Definitely not Henry … I could see an argument for Kittle, but I’d personally lean towards Drake.

Same as above. I’d take Drake before Kittle because of the premium RBs will have in your league.