Keeper league dilemma OBJ/DavidJohn/MichaelThom

Ok so I’m in a 2 keeper league and unfortunately I did not make it to playoffs this season. I was able to make a smart move in moving some studs in return for David Johnson.

This is only my third season. I know David Johnson’s a beast, but from what people have told me WR is the way to go as far as keeper leagues go.

These are the things keeping me up at night…

Will Michael Thomas turn into an elite fantasy stud??? Will brees fall off in the next few years and leave me with a Rookie Qb that needs a few years to get going??? Are the saints now a bonefied running team and something to avoid as far as QB/WR situation goes???

OBJ is obviously a top talent… but is he creme de la creme or a bit overrated? Is Eli Manning going to stick around??? Is he going to fall off and am I going to be stuck with trevor simians brother???

Is Deshuan Watson real? Is Hopkins worth putting my life savings into??

Please answer any and all of these questions…
and maybe pick one of these options if it was you and you had to pick

these are my three options.

Keep Obj and David Johnson and have a beast team for the next 3 years or so

Trade David Johnson for a first round pick next year and keep OBJ and Micheal Thomas

Trade David Johnson for Deandre Hopkins (obviously I’d try and trade Michael Thomas first but I think that a harder sell) Keep OBJ/Michael Thomas

Thanks footclan,