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Keeper league dilemma


I have a 2 keeper league and stuck on who to pick after aj green my other options Travis kelce, Tyreek hill, Alston Jeff, mark Ingram and Lamar Miller Thanks for your help guys


AJ, Alshon, Lamar for me personally.


In keepers i try to stay as safe as possible while also getting as much of a value as possible. And for the first time, i might actually say keep a te. Everyone else has their pitfalls. From injury issues, to backup issues, to will he produce like last year issues. If you don’t mind raking a risk, i would say tyreek. He has potential, but there are a lot of negative what it’s that come with it. Lamar might be good too. I just feel like if he even slightly messes up in the early season it will be a time share with foreman. If they see a marketable improvement in his ball security . So yeah, i think safest bet is kelce, problem is you will have to go value shopping at rb. Tough spot.


Man… This is a dilemma… I think Alshon is a viable option. I think Kelce will be the true #1 in that KC offense over Hill. Lamar Miller to me is been a break out player waiting to happen in a offense with no QB. I like Ingram, but in a 2 keeper… Not a for sure bet. So imo i would take Kelce. But Alshon isnt a bad option if healthy. That eagles pass attack with that O line is going to be sneaky good! Hope this helps!