Keeper league dispute

My keeper league is discussing a scenario this year and I’m looking for some opinions. When a player is drafted one year then they will cost you that Same round pick if kept the following season. The issue is that one team has two players who were drafted in the the first round. If both players are kept then the player who scored the most points costs you the 1st and the other player would cost you a 2nd. If only one of those players are kept then I would think that player should cost you a 1st round pick bc that is where they were originally drafted. Our league commish is now saying that bc this team has two 1st round players that the one who scored less points now cost a 2nd rounder even if only that one player is kept. In my opinion, both players were drafted in the 1st round so they should always cost you that 1st round pick. Only if two 1st round players are kept should one of them drop to a 2nd rounder. This scenario has never been discussed and the majority of our league thought it worked the same way I did. How does everyone think this should work and how should our league handle this issue? How do I submit this question to possibly be discussed on the footballers podcast?

In this keeper format I would agree that if the team has two players that were drafted in the first round, then if both are kept, they should cost the 1st and 2nd round pick, but if only one is kept, regardless of scoring, they cost a 1st rounder because that is when they were drafted. The scoring aspect honestly makes no sense and isn’t relevant at all for the other sides opinion. To submit it for the podcast, I think you just go the the podcast’s main site and there should be a submit a question button to click on

I agree. There is no reason that the lower scoring 1st rounder should cost a 2nd round pick if that is not where he was drafted, unless both players are kept. Sounds like there needs to be an addendum to the rules this season to better clear this up.

Any respectable Commish will allow for the league to present and issue and vote. I say pitch the idea and ask for an official vote. Offseason is the time for change to take place.