Keeper league draft help - godwin or carson

I am in a keeper league (allowed to keep 2 players a round before they were drafted last yr), I am keeping Dalvin in the 1st and Conner in the 5th. I have the 10th pick, which means my first pick will fall at 2.03. There are A LOT of valuable players being kept.

I am hoping that Kelce will fall to me, but doubt it. Odds are the last WR available on the “elite” tier is Godwin. After that will be Thielen, ARob, etc…

Do I stick with Godwin, or do I reach for Carson or DJ (or maybe JTaylor) and shoot for the 3 RB stack. Having 3 stud RBs goes a long way in this league since so many are kept.

Let me know!!!

I can’t see Carson not letting you down late in the year, due to Penny coming back mid season + capable committee back + likely play calling regression + historic fumble issues. My order would be Godwin / Moore / Taylor / Carson

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I’d take Godwin and be thrilled with a zeke Godwin Conner three to begin. I’d be very satisfied with Carson too though but I’d prefer Godwin.

Completely agree. Was a Carson owner last year and it was chaotic once Penny got in the mix. Moore is a 4th round keeper this year. If Godwin & Kelce get taken I will likely have to take Carson. The next slate of WRs (ESPN rankings) are Thielen, Amari, ARob. Doesn’t feel right taking one of them over Carson. Like JTaylor but feels risky for 2.03. May ride Carson and hope I can dish him before week 6.

I actually really like Thielen this year. I think he has a good chance of being a top 4 WR due to past production (he was WR2 for like 10 weeks a couple years ago) + target volume. he and Dalvin are oging to be the entire offense the first half of the year. I’d take Thielen over Carson any day.