Keeper League draft options

Have a 12 team standard scoring keeper league. We have 5 keepers so our draft starts in Round 6. My leaguemates go very hard on rookie RB in the early picks of round 6 every year. I can almost guarantee that the 6.01-6.06 will be some order of Barkley, Guice, Penny, Michel, Freeman, Jones II. Having said that, I have pick 6.11 and am wondering your guys thoughts on potential selections here since I also have the 7.02.

Around the 6.11 in the mocks I have done for this specific league, there are often guys like Zach Ertz Greg Olsen, Jimmy Graham, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Alex Collins, Tevin Coleman, Dion Lewis, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Golden Tate, Pierre Garcon.

Which direction do you feel is the best to go since my 5 keepers will be filling out both RB spots and the three WR spots. SHould I go QB (Wilson or Newton) or TE (Ertz/Olsen/Graham) if possible to soldify a starting line up or go for solid bench depth at RB (Collins, Coleman, Lewis)or WR (Hogan, Tate)

My 5 keepers are: Joe Mixon, Jerick McKinnon, DeAndre Hopkins, Doug Baldwin, Stefon Diggs.

Appreciate any feedback and discussion.

Personally I’d go for for Ertz with the 6.11 and hope Collins is still there at 7.02. You don’t really need to worry about QBs all that much, treat it like a normal redraft league in this aspect, unless there’s someone like Rodgers available which I doubt. If you do get Ertz with the 6.11 continue to build your RB/WR depth till there are only a couple solid QBs left…and only then grab one.
Having said that, Wilson in the 7th round would be solid value.

Thanks for the input. I am leaning the Ertz, Collins route if possible but I am still a little infatuated with Wilson because he was my QB last year and carried the team. Having said that, I am biased a bit I feel with the other guys as Wilson, Collins and Ertz are all guys I had to let go becuase we can only keep 5 guys. I’d love to retain them all but they will be gone within the first 15 picks of our draft.

I feel like out of those Ertz would be your safest bet at 6.11…after that i would worry about RB depth. Mixon and Mckinnon are no sure thing.

Ya that was my thinking. In the mocks I’ve been doing, I’ve been able to snag Collins and often Dion Lewis or Tevin Coleman which I feel like shores up the RB depth a bit after either Ertz or Wilson/Newton.

I agree with you… I had Ertz in my standard league last year, and it’s so nice to have a locked in top 3 TE and don’t have to worry about the position! Lots of RB and WRs will pop up on waivers throughout the year, not so much TE.

I’m in the same position @CaptainCanuck84 , having to decide about keeping Ertz again for next year.