Keeper league draft question #3

Hello! I am in a 10 team .5 PPR. I am keeping Kareem Hunt and Zach Ertz (no round deduction for players drafted after 6th round previous year) and made a trade that sent my 3rd round pick for McKinnon. I am picking at #3 overall. Should I go “Tony Toe Tap” (Antonio Brown) at 3 or best available RB? Love your show!

-Mike DJ

Depends what RBs are available, and if someones already keeping AB. If a top tier RB like DJ, Bell, Zeke, Gurley, Kamara or Gordon are available I’d look there first. RB depth is super important this yea imo and the more top tier RBs you get the better off you’ll be. Plus its not difficult to get quality WR1’s in rounds 2-5.