Keeper league draft question

Hello everyone. My Espn league just changed to keepers this year, and the rules are that you can keep up to 3 players and there is no draft price, meaning players don’t cost a specific position. If I’m only keeping one player, what will my draft look like? If everyone kept 3 but me, would I just get 2 picks before everyone or do those just get worked into my draft position?
Thanks for your help.

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That’s a question for your commissioner.

We can help you choose which players, but you gotta find out your rules from your league, mate.

I’m not sure if ESPN is run the same way as NFL, but our keeper league allows players to keep up to 3 players in place of their first 3 draft picks. And you aren’t required to keep 3 guys. So if you only keep 1, then that player is automatically slotted into your first round pick. And then when it comes to the second round to your pick, then you get to pick from a pool of all the players that are not being kept. But I would check with your commish to make sure that’s how it actually works.


Most sites have the ability to allow huge variances of keeper rules, so you can’t assume his keeper rules. Every league has different ideas of how keepers should operate.

Okay, that’s how I thought it might work. I’ll double check, but thank you for your help!

Thanks, I’ll double check with him, but when I first asked him he seemed unsure, I think it’s his first year doing keepers too. maybe he’s still figuring it out, or just playing dumb. Thanks for your input though!

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