Keeper League Feedback

I have a 3 keeper league, 10 man, PPR. I believe I’ve come to a decision on my third keeper. It’s been killing me because I owe my second straight title in this league to Lamar Jackson. But I need to make the most logical choice with my head, not my heart. So below is my choice. Please tell me I’m not nuts.

Devante Adams- keeper
Alvin Kamara- keeper
Chris Godwin- keeper
Lamar Jackson- let walk

Unless this is a superflex or a two QB league you are not nuts. You have two of the top WRs there and one of the top 3-4 RBs depending on who you ask. I know Lamar is the number 1 QB but you just need more depth at WR and RB so this way you’d be setting up a much stronger foundation.

Thank you lol. During these times it’s easy to believe I’m crazy for my decision :joy:.
With that said, there’s a chance I can snag Lamar on the turn around in the 2nd- AKA first pick 5th round. I’m pick 10 and 11 and since it’s 3 keepers, I’m essentially picking 4.10 and 5.01
Planning to go RB, Lamar at this time

I don’t blame you, I won my first title this year on Lamar’s back like many people. And there’s no possible way you’d see any of your other 3 not go in the first/forth round so I think that’s another way of thinking to get to the same decision and stick with the RB/WR keepers

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The only other way I’d ever keep a qb is 2 qb leagues or you get them based on what round you drafted them the year before. Go for the value qb.