Keeper league final moves

Hey guys, just looking for suggestions before my trade deadline.
1/2 PPR superflex and 2 flexes (3 keeper)

QB: Watson, Allen, foles
RB:cook, Jones, bell, Mack, Montgomery
D. Williams
WR: adams, Hopkins, Robinson, mclaurin, Parker
TE: Henry

A couple trades I’m thinking right now (expecting to have to sweeten them a bit)

  1. Robinson+Monty to get Conner and Edelman
  2. Bell+Mack+Parker to get Barkley+samuels
  3. Bell+Mack+ Allen to get CMC+k. Murray

What do you all think? Should I stay put or push these ideas a bit harder? Thanks guys!

I’d recommend reaching out to the owners. Worst case you get shot down but maybe they like it or offer you a counter. I think all trades are a little short but you already mentioned expecting to need to sweeten so fire them off and hope you get a conversation

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I wouldn’t take any of these. However, Robinson and Montgomery for Conner alone could be a viable move since you are buying the injury risk and also moving a questionable WR right now.

CMC owner for sure won’t budge unless cook is in the deal, and I feel the same way about the Barkley owner even if Barkley is underperforming abit. The prices for these two will be too high in my opinion.

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