Keeper League, First Turn Picks 12/13 Debate

I am in a 12 team standard keeper league.

Dalvin Cook is my keeper, my first picks will be 2.12 and 3.01.

Our top non keepers are Bell, Chubb, OBJ, M Thomas, Julio, Ju Ju, Adams all who will be gone by my picks.

With small RB depth I am wanting to go RB RB with first two picks unless one of the above fall. I am TE late guy and I do not think taking a QB early when you are at a turn is a good idea, lots of talent late in draft like Lamar.

  1. Bad strategy to go RB, RB?

  2. Going RB, RB would leave people like Godwin, Kupp, Woods, Lockett, etc as my WR 1 bad plan?

  3. If RB RB is the plan of the 4 Mack, Jones, Jacobs, Freeman what 2 would you take.

I’d go RB/WR likely.

There’s nothing wrong with any strategy of who to pick as long as you think it’s making your team the best possible at the time.

Lockett as your RB1 in a standard league is fine. Dude will score touchdowns and lots of yards.

If you go RB/RB my rankings are;

  1. Freeman
  2. Mack
  3. Jacobs
  4. Jones

Thank you for the feed back.

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