Keeper League Full Point PPR

I am in a 10 team, full point PPR league with 3 keepers. I am looking for some advice from someone that isn’t in my league.

Pick up to 3:
Julio Jones - 2nd round
Adam Thielen - 3rd round
Dalvin Cook - 4th round
Alshon Jeffery - 6th
Alvin Kamara - 12th
Jordan Howard - 15th
Aaron Jones - 15th
George Kittle - 15th

I am having trouble with the value of the player vs draft position. I am currently thinking Kamara (obviously), Aaron Jones, and Kittle.


I think i would take all that hot value.

Kittle, Kamara and Cook.

Julio would be a thought for me because he is elite but you might find some other value in the second

Cook in the 4th is a damn good price

Kamara for sure. Kittle/Jones are very good value. Cook is good value in 4th but not as good as the others.

all around insane value. but in this case when the value is also elite top end talent, you take it. so kamara, kittle locked. then i kinda faulter at jone or… well… jones lol. julio in the second of a 3 man keeper is really good value. 30 keepers means most rounds after the first are about 2-3 rounds less than they look like. so julio in the second is more like julio in the 3rd or 4th when it comes to the type of players that will be there for your 2nd round pick. it would instantly make your team strong, just because you would have at least one elite talent at 3 good positions to have it at. but i do like aaron jones too. and he comes for free. if you know where you pick already that would help, because lets say you pick 1.01. take aaron jones then. you can get any elite WR available at that point including julio if you wanted to.

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we don’t know draft order until the day we draft.

yeah, then take julio and dont look back i would say