Keeper league future draft pick trading

How do you regulate keepers and future draft picks? In our league, keepers cost -1 round from the round they were drafted in the year prior. For example Team A traded away a 2021 4th round draft pick over the course of the 2020 season. Does this void his ability to keep a a player in the 4th round (drafted in the 5th in 2020) because he technically wouldn’t have a 4th round pick anymore in the 2021 draft? There is some confusion among managers and I want to have a clear guideline going forward. Thank you in advance for any help.

We are going into our 12th year of our home keeper league. We do the same thing for these 2 scenarios and the player would have to be kept for the next highest round.

This year I get to keep Aaron Jones for a 12th round pick. With everything going on in MIN, I want to also keep Mattison but would be a 12th round pick, so if I don’t have 2 - 12th round picks somehow because of a trade, then I would have to pick 1 player to be my 12th, then the other would move up to the 11th.

Same thing, If I didn’t have a 12th round pick, but still wanted to keep Aaron Jones, then he would be an 11th round pick for me.

Regardless of the scenario, the player stays with whatever round his value is this year and loses the keeper round value based on that for next year. Ours is 2 rounds, so if Aaron Jones was moved up to an 11th because I didn’t have a 12th, then in 2021 the 2 year would be a 9th because he was an 11th this year.

Hope that helps figure things out for y’all

Thank you! That is a great explanation and very helpful!

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