Keeper league: Gurley or Kamara

I am picking in the 12 hole in 12 team full point ppr league, I can keep one RB, either Gurley costing a 2nd round pick or Kamara costing a 12th Round pick. Clearly a big value with Kamara, but do I pass up keeping Gurley?

While it would be hard to pass up on Gurley, that is a crazy value for Kamara. And at that 12-13 turn (assuming it’s a snake draft) you’d still have a chance to scoop up a couple studs to pair with Kamara., like maybe Hopkins, OBJ, Fournette, Cook, Thomas, etc.


Take Kamara all day, especially if there isn’t a limit on how many years you can keep a player.

Yeah it is a snake draft, I also need to scout out who the other teams are keeping to see who might still be available at the turn.

Yeah I just realized all those players I listed probably wouldn’t all be available at those spots in a keeper league, but there should still be some decent options at 12-13.

Wow! That Kamara value is crazy! But I think you keep Gurley and go couple him with a Melvin Gordon or a Keenan Allen