Keeper league HELP (1 keeper)

I have won the choice of any draft pick position. This is a 1 man keeper league.

McCaffrey (mine)
Darvin cook
Derrick Henry

I’m contemplating taking first pick to secure zeke too. Is this insane? Should I got late round and accept 2 late rounders in a row? Any ideas welcome! Couple mocks attached.

I’m very happy to take zeke. McCaffrey and Elliott means you essentially don’t look at rb except byes or injuries. That’s a huge luxury.

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I’m just struggling cause I could go later in round for like a taylor or a wr and get another closer pick instead of waiting 20 to get another shot.

Its up to you. But I’m happy to wait a few picks and still be able to get useful players later like Chris Carson, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Lockett or Tee Higgins in 3rd through 6th rounds

I think whilst you wait a while there is still plenty of talent you can expect to be able draft.

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