Keeper league help.. Ingram over kamara?

So I’m in a keeper league where per the rules Ingram can be kept next year and kamara can’t.

I own kamara
I’m thinking about trading kamara and Emmanuel Sanders for Ingram?

I’m stacked at WR so Sanders just sits on my bench.

Ingram and kamara are basically tied in points(standard league) so it’s basically just a swap of RBs as one has keeper value and the other doesn’t.

I’m a lock for the playoffs but this guy isn’t… So he is willing to give up the keeper value to make a run these next two weeks.

Do you think Ingram has a year or two of good running left in him or do you think kamara may take over next year and I may be trading for a backup RB next year. Or do you think we will have this kamara and Ingram tandom for another good year or two.?

Any advice would be great.

What kind of rules prevent you from keeping Kamara?

My bad, somehow overlooked the first line where you said Kamara can’t be kept. I second this question ^

@El-Scorcho @tlp27

Only drafted players can be kept… No FA waiver pickups.

Ingram was drafted very cheap ($13) auction draft… Because of the hype surrounding AP.
Kamara was just on waivers

It’s hard to say about Ingram. I can see them being a tandem again next year but who knows. Do you have better keeper options then potentially Ingram?

If so then I wouldn’t worry about Ingram and ride it out with Kamara. Especially since you are already a lock.

That’s a crap “rule” if you ask me. You likely had to spend FAAB (unless you use some other waiver format) and you should at least be able to keep him for whatever he cost you on waivers.

That being said, under these rules I don’t mind it. Ingram for the rest of the year I think is more valuable. You could keep him and get Kamara next year at the auction if you really wanted him.


Yes the league is a 3 keeper league.

I have ajayi at under $20 and Melvin gordan at under $30 ertz under $10 and zeke right at $60

So I have options… I just don’t love the price on Melvin with how ekler has been playing behind him so thought I might switch Melvin out for ingram and Ingram is so cheap even if he just turns into a flex play I save some money

But you may be right… I should maybe just stick with what I got and try to win this season as it’s not that much of an upgrade and its uncertain his role next year


Yes and no.

I def see your point and some plp feel the same way but most of our league likes it as it keeps the DRAFT important… Which is the most fun part of the year anyway.

And it makes you do more research and take some risks on draft day.

To be good at fantasy and be a good team you def have to do research about waiver wire pickups and you need to be smart on who to pick up and drop… But it doesn’t take much to read the news and see who is playing good… Yes I should be rewarded that season if I pick up OBJ off waivers (the year he blew up I did that week 2-3) but I shouldn’t be rewarded for years to come just because I bought a guy who everyone saw getting good…

So I like it and it makes our league trade alot as the players keep there keeper value with trades… So if you guess right on the breakout RBs on draft day but your WR stink you just strike up a trade.

I think their are pros and cons to both ways but I lean more towards the pros as I think it keeps draft day exciting.

Thanks for the advice though