Keeper League Help please!

I’m in a 10 team 1/2 PPR league and need help selecting keepers. I can choose 2. If I choose 2 in the 10th round, then 1 ends up being a 9th round pick. These are the only ones I’m considering.

Doug Baldwin - Round 13
Alex Collins - Round 10
Kenyan Drake - Round 10
Jerick Mckinnon - Round 10 (Pretty sure I’m keeping JM)

Thanks in advance!

i would def keep JM, and doug baldwin. Because there is no more jimmy graham, Baldwin will have to get much more volume in the red zone. Plus, you are getting tremendous value for him.

easy as can be. baldwin and mckinnon. baldwin is a badass WR with WR1 upside, and really same can be said about mckinnon. you lose absolutely nothing by keeping them, and have everything to gain.

McKinnon and Baldwin, easily.

This is the 2nd easiest dilemma we have ran into since joining the Clan. We would go J Mck and D Bald

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking too. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything with Drake and Collins. I’ve also kept Doug for the last 2 seasons and thought it might be time to move on, but I just can’t beat the value there.