Keeper League Help. PLEASE!

Sup Gents,

12 Team Normal fantasy no ppr. We can keep 3 keepers. I’m keeping Odel Beckham and Derrick Henry.

I’m torn on my third player to keep between Doug Baldwin or Jay Ajayi. Who would you keep?

With 12 teams keeping 3 players all of the dope players will clearly be gone and I was int he finals last year so I’m getting the 11th pick in the draft.

Would love to hear soe feedback.

There is a tiny bit of upside with ajayi but it’s so little…

I think the gap between Baldwin and ajayi is just too big to not keep Baldwin…

So I’d go Baldwin but now you are def looking to grab a RB prob with your first too picks and I am not sure how great that will be looking with a bunch of guys gone… So def look to see who you assume will be kept by everyone and if everyone is keeping 3 RBs or something crazy than that might change my mind… But if there are still 8-12 RB 1 and 2s left then I’d know I could keep Baldwin with more confidence.