Keeper League Help-Who do I keep?

I am in a 2 keeper league where you lose the 1st & 2nd round picks if I keep 2. I have Julio Jones, Chris Godwin, Josh Jacobs & Miles Sanders. Should I keep 1 or 2? Who should I keep? I will not know who the other teams keep until a hour before the draft Wednesday, September 2nd. Thanks for the help!!!

Sanders and Jacobs. Young Stud RB’s at a position that falls off quickly. Those WR’s can be replaced either by equal talent, or playing the match ups.

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I agree with MKlossing, although I would consider Jacobs and Julio if you pick early in the 3rd. I love Sanders and have many shares of him, but you might be able to scoop him in the 3rd.

Good point there, but the same philosophy could work trying to snag Julio there. Especially if the draft order is randomized after Keepers. At least by keeping both Sanders and Jacobs, if you miss out on Julio, he is easier to replace than missing out on another top RB.

I forgot to mention I am drafting 8th and it is a snake draft after the second round which starts at the person with the 1st pick.