Keeper League Help!

Ok footclan, I could use some help. I’m in a 10 man keeper league where we are allowed to keep up to four players. Having some hard choices here. So I’ll put my roster up, along with what round I would have to keep them in. It’s a 2qb, 3 wr, 2 RB, 1 flx, 1 tight end, 1 K and 1 D:

Rodgers - 1st round
T Taylor - round12
D Kizer - round 12

Bell- 2nd round
K Hunt- 3rd round
A brown- round 1
Baldwin- round 2
R Anderson- round 12
D funches- round 12
J Crowded- round 12

Diggs- round 8
Gronk- round 11

So if Gronk does play next year I get keep him as a 11th round keeper which is a no brainer. Besides that I was thinking
Round 1 - brown
Round 2- bell
Round 3- hunt
Round 11- Gronk

Or I can do same thing but get to swap hunt for A Rodgers. It’s a standard 6pt league. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Any thoughts?

I think this is the correct group of players. I wouldn’t recommend Keeping Rodgers. I know he is stellar, but you can get back a good percentage of the the numbers that Rodgers puts up with a streaming QB or taking a late round QB like Winston. You simply cannot replace the value that Brown, Bell, Hunt, and Gronk give you. Just my thoughts.

I agree completely with Brown, Bell, Hunt, and Gronk. All 4 guys will go round 1 or 2 in redraft leagues. If Gronk doesn’t play (I’ll be very suprised), then I would keep Diggs as an 8th. The team should be the same if they sign Keenum to a long term deal or go get Cousins; either way, Digg’s production (if healthy) should increase.

Awesome, thanks