Keeper league, help!

10 team. non-snake draft. keep 6 players. lose the round you drafted your keeper. non-ppr. 1 point per 10 yard rushing and receiving. 1 point per 25 passing yards. 6 points for TD (including passing tds).

Dak - rd 15
t coleman - rd 6
fitzgerald - rd 7
kupp - rrd 8
olsen - rd 13

need to keep 1 other
Gore - Rd 10
Baldwin - rd 2
cooks - rd 4
Hogan - rd 12
dixon - rd 16

any of my “definite” keepers need t be changed?

thanks in advance for your help!!

Don’t keep dak!! He is going undrafted or super late… So just draft him if you want him.

Keep HOGAN in his place.
All your other keepers are fine.

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Agree. Keep Hogan, no need for Dak unless you know your league drafts backup QBs. I guess hes fine as a QB2

I was trying not to be long winded on my initial post.

after reading below, do you still not keep Dak? QBs are somewhat hard to find and there are 20 rounds, at 15 Dak was just purely a value keeper. I have the 2nd pick overall and i need to get RB youth.

Here are the actual Keeper rules…
Six (6) Keepers: Lose that draft spot for those players. If players from the same draft round are kept then one player’s draft round will be moved up to the next available round. Un-drafted players can be kept as a 1st Round pick. You may not keep more players at one position than is allowed to start (1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-K, 1-DEF), unless one of the additional players was a rookie. If a player is put on season ending IR, while on your roster, you may drop him and he will still be a part of your team for the next year, otherwise it is off of the end of the year rosters.

Here is my Roster

QB Drew Brees, NO QB 1
RB Tevin Coleman, Atl RB 6
RB Frank Gore, Mia RB 10
WR Doug Baldwin, Sea WR 2
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR 7
TE Greg Olsen, Car TE 13
FLEX Brandin Cooks, LAR WR 4
D/ST Steelers D/ST D/ST 19
K Harrison Butker, KC K FA
Bench Cooper Kupp, LAR WR 8
Bench Austin Hooper, Atl TE 11
Bench Chris Hogan, NE WR 12
Bench Dak Prescott, Dal QB 15
Bench Rico Gathers, Dal TE 18
Bench Cameron Brate, TB TE FA
Bench Alfred Morris, Dal RB FA
Bench Aaron Jones, GB RB FA
Bench Josh Gordon, Cle WR FA
Bench Robert Woods, LAR WR FA
IR Pierre Garcon, Was WR 9
IR Kenneth Dixon, Bal RB 16

So basically i can keep Cupp and he can fill in for any of the 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR, 1-TE, 1-K, 1-DEF

i used him as a RB because mine are not good. Should i go a different route?

I agree. Swap Dak with Hogan

How do free agent keeps work? 6 keepers personally I’d go hogan, Gordon, cooks, Coleman, jones, and Dak. Based off the team you provided on post.

Based off your rb dilemma you almost have to keep Aaron jones and hope for the best. Yes he’s put two weeks but the potential is there without the draft pick loss.

Oh wait only two wr keeps? Gordon and hogan and then add in Olson if that’s the case. It’s not ideal, but it’s what I’d do if I was in your shoes. You need to fill your team with as many early picks as possible.

Value off round is crucial for you and you can’t afford to lose early picks with this team. There is good late picks on here but you don’t wanna spend too much.

Anyone who shows FA next to their name would require me to lose my 1st rounder so I figured Jones and Gordon was out.

Was keeping
Dak - only because its just a 15th and i see him improving down the road
Tevin - i would only lose my 6.
Cupp - since he was a rookie i was going to fill the other RB spot at 8 Rookies can replace any position
Fitz my 7th
Olsen my 13th

Figured a 2 was too much for Baldwin, a 4 was too much for cooks.