Keeper League - Hopkins or Gordon?

I have a 10 man keeper league where we get to keep 1 guy from the season before. My options are Hopkins or Gordon. Which one is worth more? Logic to me says always RB, but i have the second pick in the draft so part of me wants to go Hopkins since i’m pretty sure David Johnson and Dalvin Cook will also be out there (no one keeps injured players since you only get one guy the next year anyway).

If you have a shot at gurley, bell, DJ, Barkley with your 2nd pick… I’d take Hopkins for sure.

If not I’d do Gordon

Yeah. Last year someone had Gurley, Bell, and kamara on one team so that person’s losing 2. And The person who had David Johnson rostered all season has to pick either him or Hunt, but they do have the 1st pick. I’m guessing they’ll go like David Johnson then snag either Bell or Gurley.

Where i’m still torn is if I keep gordon i’m guaranteed a top 5 back with the second pick so i’d have RB totally locked up and could shoot for WR’s after that. But by keeping Hopkins, i get a WR1 + a top 5 back.