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Keeper League/ Initial Draft


Hello Everyone. My League I have been in for the past five years has decided to become a keeper league with this year being the first one/initial draft. Just curious how people here would value Ezeke in this format as ESPN has him listed in the mid 30’s for pick placement. I have the second pick overall snake format and would love to grab him in the late 2nd early 3rd but I feel for keeper people will gun for him much earlier. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the matter.


In a alot of keepers…

Here is what I did in my keeper leagues.

If your second pick… Draft DJ or bell then if zeke is there in the second round take him and then early 3rd you can take a stud WR…you could play the game and maybe take a WR round two and hope the 1st pick guy doesn’t take him and he comes back in the 3rd (two picks later) but I usually just take him.

In keeper leagues… Have zeke next year is awesome…
But going for him earlier is not smart IMO

Just my two cents…


Yeah that is what I was thinking as well. DJ is definitely my first pick but it is pretty much a lock he is gone by the guy drafting first, and Skipping out on Bell would be rough to do. Besides Bell though I was looking at grabbing OBJ or Mike Evans as it is ppr and these two will likely be beasts for years to come.