Keeper League - Kamara, Hopkins or Saquon with 1st pick?

Inherited a team in a 3-keeper league. Can only keep one per position, so my current ones are:

RB - Devonta Freeman
WR- Sammy Watkins
QB - Kirk Cousins

I would usually take an RB as a no brainer, but with my WR being Watkins, I’m extremely tempted to take Hopkins and then take McKinnon, Collins, Drake, Or Freeman on my way back around.


Otherwise I’m looking at Landry, DT, Juju, Chris Hogan as my WR 1.

I would take Hopkins. much better options for a rb2 with next pick than those wrs having to be your wr1

Barkley > Kamara > Hopkins in that order.

Why are you keeping Krik Cousins. You must have a much better keeper option than that.

Do not draft McKinnon, you will regret it, guaranteed.

Take barkley. Those WRs are more than fine. Would rank Landry > Hogan > JuJu > DT.


Keepers are already set, and trust me, there were no other options…theres a reason this team is picking first lol

I would generally never take a QB but like I said, you could only take one player to a position. And his TE was Austin Hooper. Also, its a 2 QB league.

I thought about that to, taking Saquon and then pick up two WR’s on the turn.

Oh 2QB league changes everything. That makes a tonne of sense then.

Barkley. He’s going to be such a stud

And today he tore his acl

If anyones curious…very comfortable with the draft lol Ended up with:

QB: Cousins, Bortles (I got a snake MAN!), Taylor
RB’s: Saquon, D Freeman, J Howard, M Ingram, A Jones, P Barber
WR’s: Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Hogan, Watkins, Landry

…someone also drafted McKinnon in the 3rd rd…idiot.