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Keeper League - Keep 2 of These 3


We keep two players from our end of season roster. We give up a round higher than the player was drafted last year, if we keep that player.

My three players I am deciding on are Julio, Odell and J Howard.

Keeping Howard, I lose my 17th round (steal!).

Odell and Julio, I give up my first round pick. Which of these two to keep?

If I kept both receivers, I give up rounds 1 & 2.




Wow, this is a tough choice. Howard is just an incredible value … but then so is one of those 2 WRs in the 2nd. I like Howard and he would be a decent RB1, but then …

If you build the rest of your team well, with a start like Julio and Odell, you could build a monster roster. That is my thought. I would take Julio and Odell and go for the monster upside.


I agree with harpersdad you’re getting 2 1st rounders in the 1st and 2nd round. Yeah it’s hard to give up the steal of Howard but you getting a steal with Julio or Beckham in the 2nd too


So, in a two keeper league you can safely assume you are losing the top 24 players with a bit of exception. The majority of those players will be RBs. Howard is not only a steal, but in my opinion necessary. You also get to draft someone in the 2nd, so consider point differential. How many points per week will Julio/Beckham score more than the 2nd rounder you would have taken vs how much more Howard will score against your 17th.

O’Douls Jr. would be my pick for your first, but I think you should take Howard as your second.


My opinion would be to keep Howard and Odell especially because you never know what will be available for your second round pick. Depending on everyone else’s keepers you may be able to get another stud with your second round pick.

Any idea what number pick you would have?


Pick order won’t be decided until draft day and keepers are due next week. but I like the thought of having a good chance at a stud in the second anyway and having a RB1 as 17th pick.

Odell is slightly above Julio on my ranking, but I and make a case either way.


In a 2 keeper league you will not get a stud in the 2nd. Assume 4th round pick value in the 2nd as the top 24 players are kept by other teams.


great outlook. thanks


Do you know your draft position? Standard or ppr?

I depending on to what extent the top players are kept for non-top picks, I think you gotta take Howard. Think of it this way: would you rather have Julio and Jalen Richard, or Howard and say Amari Cooper, keeping in mind in both cases you already have odb?


My friend @Kaiser is getting lazy. Didn’t read the whole thread. :grin:


Not sure that’s true, as we can see some top players are being kept for top round picks, while others may not. Further, some teams will have more than 2 top 24 players, while others will have less than 2. 2nd round will be somewhere between 2nd and 4th round value, more likely something like 3rd round.


I wrote the comment earlier but am traveling and my internet connection went down :grimacing:


The whole 3rd round talent doesn’t make since because you yourself have 3 top 24 players on your team. If others are in the same scenario or just have better value they would be willing to part ways. For example, whoever selected Todd Gurley in the first last year, might choose to throw him back if he has better valued or if Gronk was first rounder last year. You just never know what is going back in the pool.


Most people with second rounders I would think are unwilling to keep for a first round pick.


do not know the draft order yet. It is PPR - did not mention that yet I dont think.



I did say with exception…also the top 24 players this year are pretty different than last year’s, there is a 50% difference. Of those remaining only 2 or 3 are values that wouldn’t make sense to keep.


Besides plan for the worst hope for the best.


Hearing that it is PPR just reinforces the idea of Julio and ODB. Next few rounds just hammer out some RB picks. You will have the top WR corps and with some breaks you can get great RB value. If you can get Montgomery or Cook or Mixon along with Abdullah, Woodhead, etc you will outscore your opponents.


It’s howard and Odell. Howard is obvious, he is way too valuble to not take at that low of a pick. Odell, because he is every bit as dynamic, if not more, than Mr. Jones. Plus younger so a keeper longer.

Start your season off right, with top flight rb1 and wr1. (Limited supplies order while the deal lasts not responsible for rashes from rosterbating)


From what I’m looking at there’s actually a lot of overlap. The only players currently being drafted in the top 24 that weren’t drafted in the top 36 last year (Remember, it’s last year’s draft plus one round) are:

Melvin Gordon
Michael Thomas
Demarco Murray

And don’t worry: the people with those keepers above probably have people trying to convince them not to keep them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: