Keeper league Lamar(15th) or Saquon(1st)?

Who should I keep? I am currently in the 8th position in the draft so last. Got an offer to switch positions to the 4th round what should I do? Do I keep Lamar and try to trade picks for him?

What does the trade include that will get you to go from 8th to 4th?

He just wants to switch draft positions! He didn’t ask for anything else.

Man, that’s strange haha. So you’d have the 4th overall pick. Probably not getting Saquon even at 4 if you sent him back and took Lamar.

So you’d likely be looking at CEH, Dalvin Cook, Michael Thomas, Akon Kamara. Something like that.

If you decide to keep Saquon, definitely don’t move to the 4th spot because your turn around pick in the 2nd still be sooner.

But damn…Lamar in the 14th is nuts. I’d probably just keep Lamar and trade the guy for the 4th spot in the draft. Who knows, maybe Saquon will fall back to you. Never know.