Keeper league like Andy mike and Jason’s league of record

16 teams one keeper Keeper chosen by randomizer Just like ballers league of record QB RB RB WR WR TE FLEX
First people to join and pay get the spot
4 divisons game of thrones themed divisons
Top 4 divison winners go to playoffs next best 4 teams go
8 team playoff
Top 4 get paid
Leave ur sleeper handle if interested I’ll dm u
55 buy in on leaguesafe


I’m definitely interested. jayups34 is my sleeper ID

@jayups34 dmed u on sleeper

Definitely interest @frankreynoldss

If a spot is still available, I would be interested. Sleeper ID: megaprawn

I am interested @Hersheysbsquare on Sleeper

Messaged u @brian7788544558

I’m interested!! Sleeper: ItsBigBob

Fballersbum on sleeper if there are any spots left

Awesome! Very interested if you still have some spots left. Sleeper handle is schreurj.

I’m game sleeper Racoonaholik

Interested if there are still openings. Sleeper ID: tadbk

adlongpt on Sleeper, if you’re still open!

In! Sleeper handle is @jberg2

@mcflakes on sleeper if you still have room!

If you still have room I’m interested. RokCotton on sleeper