Keeper League - Mixon or Kerryon

In a 12 team PPR league, I can keep only 1 in the round they were selected last year between Joe Mixon (2nd round keeper, pick 19) or Kerryon Johnson (6th round keeper, pick 67).

For our keeper league you can keep a player for two years before they are put back in the draft. I have pick 6 this year in the first round and the following players will be available but not necessarily will get to me:
Melvin gordon
Lev Bell
Todd Gurley
Michael thomas

I am struggling deciding what to do. Do I take a stud WR with pick 6 like Julio and keep Mixon? Keep Kerryon, pick a stud WR, and then a lower tier RB in round 2 (iā€™m thinking someone like Devonta Freeman would be best available at pick 19)? Keep kerryon, draft Mixon or other top RB remaining at 6, and figure out WR in 2,3,4?

Ahhhh so many options but i guess the first decision I need to make is does the value of Kerryon at pick 67 outweigh Mixon at pick 19??

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

take the better value. i dont have Kerryon and Mixon too far apart for end of year points. so when 2 plays are close, go with the value and then stay water in the draft. if you keep mixon you are locking yourself into one certainty. you will only get 1 pick in the first 2 rounds. keep kerryon, and your whole team will be better between picking julio or DJ or something like that, and then on the way back picking another high caliber player.

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