Keeper League - Need to select 2

I am in a 12 team Half PPR league and was wondering which 2 keepers would be the best value:

Michael Thomas - 2nd round
Mark Ingram - 5th round
Tarik Cohen - 7th round
James White - 10th round
Tyler Boyd - 10th round
Dante Pettis - 10th round
Jared Cook - 10th round

I was thinking James white might be the best value but wasn’t sure about the second keeper.
Thanks for the help!

Can you keep 2 in the same round? I think James White and Boyd are the best value.

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If two keepers would be in the same round, one of them would get a 1 round tax and would be drafted the round prior. I was also thinking James White and Boyd in the later rounds would be great value. But wasn’t sure if Cohen or pettis might be better and Ingram can be hot or kiss this season.

Ya check on that, if not I think I’d just take Michael Thomas as one and lock up a stud.

If two keepers would be in the same round, one of them would get a 1 round tax and would be drafted the round prior.

Thomas + White for me… Thomas is a first round pick IMO in a keeper format, and White is criminally underrated nearly every year, and not much will be different for him this year from last year… even baking in regression you’re talking a RB2

Yea im not sure where i draft yet because that will be selected after we pick keepers. I was thinking to focus on RBs with my first two rounds so thats why im iffy on taking MT in the 2nd round But he was my most reliable player last year.

Yeah Im with the others keeping MT, hes a stud and in a 12 team keeper league you dont wanna let that guy go. Second guy White is your best value after that imo.

Thanks! I was debating keeping MT or trying to get an RB instead of MT but i dont know how many would even be available in the 2nd round that would be better than MT. Also considered that WR has more depth in the draft so maybe RB would be a better way to go. Thanks for the opinions FC!

There should be some decent RBS still available in the high 2nd round so I dont think youre wrong with that assumption. Sucks that you are unsure where youre drafting though, that would def help. Do you have any idea who your opponents are keeping? Do you have limits on how many times players can be kept? I like to get into the heads of my opponents and take educated guesses on who they will keep and do a few mock drafts based on who I think they;ll draft in the first few rounds. Its worked out so far but only because ive been playing with the same guys for 10+ years.

Ive been trying to make educated guesses to see who will keep who so im assuming Zeke, Barkley, Conner, Melvin Gordon, CMC, and Kamara will be kept but other than that, anything can happen based on the teams. Its our first year choosing keepers so idk who prefers value or would prefer to have studs locked in although i have been playing with most of these guys for 8-10 years now. ow that i think more about it. I may have to lock in a stud like MT just in case i miss out on a reliable RB I was eyeing DJ, Mixon, D.Williams, D. Freeman, or Cook and maybe choosing 2 as my first 2 picks if they came to me.

There’s always a challenge when your league hasn’t used keepers prior.

That being said, MT has an ADP of anywhere from 12-15 from what I’ve seen, and that puts him squarely in the first rounds of most keeper formats. Pairing him with a best available RB would be my personal preference…

True that makes sense. Also since my team didn’t make playoffs (Fournette as my first pick killed me) i have a higher chance of drafting higher this year so if i go RB with my first pick and then keep MT, I would be keeping him in the late 2nd round which is value in itself. Before, i was thinking about going all value but you guys are making great points about going with MT.

There’s very few times I advocate keeping a player in the early rounds, but a top 5 WR is one of the instances that makes more sense.

Yea hes the best player i could keep since Fournette in the 1st round isnt worth it. I would rather for sure have one stud than end up having to pick up some OK pieces because others kept their studs. Mightve tried to chance it by keeping value picks and hope i get players to fall to me but not knowing my draft order until after keepers are selected makes it harder to rely on someone falling to me. Hopefully Brees throws everything to MT and White doesnt see any regression due to Burkhead or Michel.

I’d recommend Michael Thomas and Tyler Boyd. Thomas should be a first rounder in most leagues so keeping him in the 2nd is good value. And Tyler Boyd that late is just simply a steal. This would give you a decent receiving core if you didn’t draft a single receiver (obviously you will), but you’ll have the freedom to stack other positions on your team.

You think Boyd is better value than James White in the 10th? Do you feel like Andy Dalton can have a decent season this year and the new coaching staff will help Boyd or is it more that James White will have lots of regression this year since he ha a career year last year?