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Keeper League - Nick Chubb or Damien Williams

Who should I keep, Nick Chubb or Damien Williams?

Chubb: Talent, however, there are a lot of mouths to feed, but it also opens it up for him with OBJ, Landry and Njoku keeping the Secondary/DB’s in check reducing the 8-man box.

Williams: He has the thing TFF talks about all the time, OPPORTUNITY on probably the top 2 offense in the league. Secondary will be focused on Mahomes and his ability, giving Williams the chance to work some magic…

I’m torn!!

Let’s hear it.


I think chubb would be the obvious answer if hunt wasn’t in the picture, but I would still lean with Chubb over williams.

A lot of people forget Hunt had a lot of mediocre games his rookie year. He started out hot but it slowly unraveled then he kinda returned. People were starting to bench him. He can’t practice either so no telling if he will even be a factor. Chubb is going to have lots of consistency if he stays upright.

PPR I’d go with Williams better QB better schemes

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