Keeper League Off-season Trading?

I run a keeper league, 2 keepers per szn. Keepers go to spot 15-16 in the draft. We allow draft pick trading during the regular season but we do reverse order of placement for the draft. Every year there is at least one team that tanks. Sells their entire team for draft picks, to come and last and have the highest picks for next year (ik its silly bc they never have any keepers). Normally its also one team who goes all in and trades for them big names with 1st 2nd round picks.

The Manager of the team with the big names who lost all his picks wants to go back to off season trading, even though we didnt do it last year bc we moved to sleeper right before the draft. it was kind of forgotten about till he started putting his players on the trade block today.

What do you all think, Should we allow this Off season/Pre-draft trading? and why/why not?

This will probably go to a league vote but want opinions on what you do or your thoughts?

Easy, no crap answer: let the people speak. If they are okay with it then you allow it.

Truth answer: no he shouldn’t be allowed to as you guys all agreed that it was not allowed last season. BUT, again let them vote on it. It would be a two part vote for me. First; do we want to allow off season/pre draft trading? Second, if majority say yes, then do we allow it this offseason or start it in the 2023 season?

Hope that helps.